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Water System Overview

Currently, the District supplies water to approximately 1,580 people through 620 residential services. The District receives drinking water through wholesale purchase from the Portland Water Bureau (PWB). Finished water is typically supplied by PWB’s Washington Park Reservoir No. 4 through a single master meter connection near the intersection of SW Riverside Drive/Highway 43 and SW Carey Lane.

The District’s existing water distribution system consists of one pump station, two 500,000 gallon storage tanks, distribution mains, pressure reducing facilities and associated appurtenances such as control valves, isolation valves, meters, and fire hydrants. The pump station supplies water from the PWB connection to both storage tanks and the distribution system.

The District maintains approximately 12 and ½ miles of distribution piping using a variety of materials ranging from two to 16 inches in diameter. Service to customers is provided from two primary pressure zones, the High Zone, and the Low Zone, each of which is supplied by one of the storage tanks. High Zone distribution piping is also connected to the PWB’s Burlingame service area, supplied by the Burlingame Tanks, through a normally closed emergency connection. A third smaller pressure zone, Low PRV Zone, is served through a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) from the Low Zone.

The Directors have approved a Master Plan for the District to continuously upgrade aging distribution infrastructure.